Cozy hotel in the centre of Florence

Who we are

Hospitality is the way, a smile is the means, and your happiness is our objective.

There are many tasks to be seen to in a Hotel, and they are also very different from each other. The more the services offered to guests, the greater the need for a qualified staff that is professionally trained.

This is why we would like to present ourselves to those of you who are arriving or those who are already our guests, “stepping up to the plate” to give you a warm welcome at your arrival, make sure you can count on our collaboration during your entire stay, and then  handle your departure in the most appropriate way possible, with kindness, courtesy, patience, and diplomacy.

Our entire staff is at your disposal to guarantee you the best of our services, and it will be our pleasure to help you discover the attractions of our Florence, so that when you leave our hotel, you’ll do so with a satisfying smile and a special place for us in your heart.

The Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio is an UNWTO affiliate member  and home to the practical Life Beyond Tourism® application, founding and supporting the Romualdo Del Bianco® Foundation since 1991, a foundation that is devoted to applied research on issues regarding #travel, #well-being of the planet, #heritage, and #intercultural dialogue.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified (Quality Politics).

Our staff is trained  to welcome our guests in the spirit of the Life Beyond Tourism® philosophy according to the “Sites for Dialogue” and according to the International Quality Standards of Accessible Hospitality. It follows an average of 800 hours of training a year on topics related to hospitality, communication, social marketing, and on current legislation (SGSL - Legislative Decree 81/08, Privacy, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System).



Sabrina Bisconti
Hotel Manager

Lucia Ruco
Head Reception

Elisabetta Solari

Marco Morgana

Marco Ferrini

Alessandro Moschini

Lorenzo Bucelli
Night Receptionist

Barbara Aceto

Serena Corti
Secretary Housekeeping

Lenny Vignoli
Food & Beverage
General Manager

Stefano Trevisan
Restaurant Alla Torre De' Rossi

Iuliana Bejan
Breakfast Manager

Eleonora Lombardini
Restaurant Alla Torre De' Rossi

Alesia Koush
Vo per Botteghe,
Officina Creativa

Barbara Castellano
Vo per Botteghe,
Officina Creativa

Carlotta Cigliana
Vo per Botteghe,
Officina Creativa

Maria Paz Soffia
Vo per Botteghe,
Officina Creativa

Eleonora Catalano
Vo per Botteghe,
Officina Creativa

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