Hotel in Florence to visit the city

On your arrival you will find

The purpose of our hotel facility is to make the tourist feel like a guest of the city and not just a customer, which is why on his arrival he is welcomed with offers and services that have been especially designed to involve him in the spirit of the city, with its traditions, history and future projects.

The activities that we propose as part of Life Beyond Tourism® are aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, the enhancement of the tangible and intangible heritage and the development of the territory visited through international mobility and the encounter between different cultures.

To make your stay unforgettable, on your arrival you will find:

  1. Microsguardi (Micro Looks)

A room that has not only a number, but also a name, inspired by its view, which is indicated by the Microsguardo (patented by the hotel company) that, thorough a series of photographs, will show you the details that are visible from your window.

  1. Channels

On the first three TV channels in your room, you can see the exclusive movie "Florence: 1000 Years of History" (available in Italian, English and French), providing an explanation of the history of our city, made with Art Media Studio with the contribution of Antonio Paolucci Bruno Santi and Cristina Acidini.

  1. Courtesy Line

The complimentary toiletries "Prima Spremitura" (“First Pressing”), the first Certified Cosmetic Line that respects the environment, territory and health and uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the label "Tuscan IGP".

  1. City Map

A map of the area made by "Life Beyond Tourism" with "Firenze per Bene", containing a list of the main attractions, alternative routes and a handbook with set of guidelines for proper conduct consistent with the respect and preservation of the city.

  1. 8 hidden routes

To discover the city’s most genuine aspects, designed specifically for you to plunge into the very heart and history of Florence.

  1. Restaurant & Wine Bar “Alla Torre De’ Rossi”

On the sixth floor of the hotel, where you can have lunch, enjoy a drink and have dinner while admiring Florence in all its splendour drinking good wine accompanied by traditional local products, carefully selected for you.

  1. Traveller’s Kit

On your arrival, you will be given a kit containing our free initiatives:

Be Part of History” An initiative for the protection of the artistic and cultural heritage. Become a part of history simply by returning the ticket of the Uffizi Gallery;

Museum of the Del Bianco Foundation, a special invitation to visit a private collection of gifts from all over the world made available to travellers for mutual understanding;

Vo Per Botteghe” (“Popping Round to Workshops”) A walk through the city that allows you to discover the genuine workshops in the Florentine territory, with their history and their passion handed down from generation to generation;

The City Map Our alternative routes to make your stay unique and unforgettable discovering Florence’s hidden and unknown places;

Sites for Dialogue” The book that tells the sense of Life Beyond Tourism® and allows you to discover how to become a traveller.