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Guided Tours

Things to do in Florence: Routes not to be missed to know the city

These routes were organised by APAB as part of Life Beyond Toruism®.

“Museo degli Argenti” (“Silver Museum”), the jewel case of Florence
Jewels and “Jewelled Gallantries”: the treasure of the House of Medici

The “Silver Museum” (“Museo degli Argenti”) houses, in a sumptuous room, huge and decorated with frescoes, all the wonderful and sparkling objects collected by Lorenzo the Magnificent. Hard stones, rock crystal worked into particular shapes, diamonds and enamels, all gifts for the women of the Medici family and manufactured for Francesco I, collected by Mary Magdalene of Austria, featuring "grand-ducal workmanships".

Discovering Galileo Galilei
Florence, a city ready for Science innovations

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not", and that is how Galileo Galilei  found in Florence the right reception for his revolutionary theories on the Universe.

This route has been created to retrace the history of Galileo, from his home to his private and official life, to know and observe his marvellous discoveries, which played a key role for the progress of humankind.

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